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Abortion Providers Have an Appreciation Day?!?!

Saturday, March 10, was apparently National Abortion Providers Appreciation Day. Typing those words makes my stomach turn. In response, I suggest pro-lifers make a point of doing something specific today on behalf of the victims and potential victims of these … Continue reading

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Lions and Tigers and Posters. Oh, my!

Two weeks ago saw the arrival of anti-abortion protesters to our town. Uninvited and (as far as I know), unsupported by any local churches or ministries, they arrived with their literature, posters and a sound system! Their goal, a laudable … Continue reading

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Requiescat in pace – Dr. Bernard Nathanson

This past week brought news of the death of Dr. Bernard Nathanson, well-known former abortionist turned pro-life convert and convert to the Catholic faith. I remember when his video the Silent Scream was first released. It was a foreshadowing of … Continue reading

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