I am a Roman Catholic wife and mother, and loyal daughter of the Church.

My training in linguistics and foreign languages taught me two essential things: 1. to be a good listener in order to then be an effective communicator; and 2. to understand the cultural context from which a person spoke so that I could, in effect, enter his/her world and see life from that perspective.

I believe that people hunger for truth to satisfy their souls and know true freedom. Jesus says of truth that it will set us free, but He is not talking about a philosophy or teaching but rather of Himself: “I am the way, the truth and the life”.

I have given pastoral care to women through church based outreach, including an intense 10 year period working in Catholic post-abortion ministry.

I speak and write on women’s issues, relationships, the Gospel of Life and building the culture of life, post-abortion aftermath and pregnancy loss, healing from trauma, as well as catechetical approaches that incorporate the Church’s teaching on the dignity of the human person.

It is my hope on this blog to present persuasive and eloquent defense of the Church’s teaching on the life issues, so that all who read here the words here may come to know Truth, Himself, and be set free.

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  1. dignitaspersonae2010 says:

    Awesome and ELOQUENT commentary!

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