Bishop Homilies On The Holy Family

I came across two homilies given today that I thought worth sharing with you.

The first, Archbishop Jose Gomez, of Los Angeles. Listen for these gems his Excellency shared at the cathedral this morning:

“In God’s plan of love, marriage and family are the heart of the church and the foundation of the civilization of love and truth…
God wants to make all our families holy families. And through the witness of our families, God wants to bless all the people of the world and make them into one holy family in His Church…
Mary and Joseph taught Jesus to love God and to love God’s laws. They taught him how to be faithful to God by going to the temple to worship Him…
We have to take our children to church…
We have to make the beautiful truths of our faith, and our devotions and traditions a normal, natural, ordinary part of everyday family life…”


And from Bishop Paul Etienne, Diocese of Cheyenne:


“…The first reading today from the Book of Sirach has a strong instruction which can easily be overlooked.  The first line of today’s reading says: “God sets a father in honor over his children; a mother’s authority he confirms over her sons.”  To no surprise, once again, Sacred Scripture confirms that God is the author of all life, human and divine.  God is the designer of the human family.  The feast of the Holy Family which is always set within the Christmas season, teaches us that God is not only the Designer of marriage and family life, but with the birth of his Son, he also participates in our human life; individually, within families, within society.  In Jesus, God has become a human being.  God has entered into the day-to-day life of the human family and human history….  

Our family values and practices are to prepare us for entering into an eternal Kingdom.  The home is the place where we are to live and learn the values that lead to a healthy society.  How we live in our family relationships will influence the relationships we form in the broader society.  The respect we learn for family members will lead to respect for the members of the broader human family in society.

St. Paul in his Letter to the Ephesians (6:4) instructs parents regarding their children: “Bring them up with the training and instruction befitting the Lord,” namely, the instruction of the home is to help children learn God’s ways; God’s truths.  Today’s readings instruct us in these basic paths of human formation.  As already stated, the human family is to be built upon God.  The Book of Sirach (3:2-7; 12-14) teaches that the family is built upon honor, reverence, obedience and prayer.  The Letter to the Colossians (3:12-21) goes on with the type of human formation that takes place within the family.  Within the home we are to practice and grow in compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, forgiveness, and over all of these we are to practice love.

 Love is an instruction all by itself on humility, self-sacrifice, and generosity…”

You can read the rest here.

Thank you, Excellencies, for using your teaching office so well!

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2 Responses to Bishop Homilies On The Holy Family

  1. “God wants to make all our families holy families..” ~ How perfect! Thank you for sharing, much light and love to you and your family today!

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