Abortion Providers Have an Appreciation Day?!?!

Saturday, March 10, was apparently National Abortion Providers Appreciation Day.

Typing those words makes my stomach turn.

In response, I suggest pro-lifers make a point of doing something specific today on behalf of the victims and potential victims of these providers.

Some ideas:

  • do something special for your family today to show your love: their favorite meal or dessert (yes, I know it’s Lent), game time after dinner; call your mom and share a kind word with her
  • make a donation  – money, material goods, or time, today, to your local crisis pregnancy center; perhaps just a phone call of appreciation to let them know you support their mission
  • pray for the victims of abortion, the providers themselves and all who encourage and support a culture of death – perhaps a rosary or holy hour
  • pray for mercy for our nation
  • go out of your way to greet a mother with young children and encourage her
  • write a brief note of support to your bishop or priest if they have spoken out on behalf of life
  • have a mass said – for the cause of life or for forgiveness for those involved with abortion
  • know of a pro-life health care provider? an NFP-only OB/GYN? Thank them for their willingness to stand with the truth. Tell others about their practice!
  • mark you calendar for next year and make a plan with friends to do something together that day on behalf of the culture of life

What have you done to be a light to a world of darkness?

Share these ideas with others, do some of them together with friends. Be a witness – ’till no more mothers cry, and no more children die.

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