Waste Not, Want Not

As a follow up to yesterday’s post about volunteering and parish life, here is a snippet of Pope Benedict’s Sunday Angelus on gifts and talents:

“God summons every man to life and bestows on him a talent, while entrusting him with a mission”, which is charity. Those were Pope Benedict XVI’s words before the Angelus in St Peter’s Square. The Pope reminded those gathered on Sunday that “Charity is the fundamental good that no one can fail to make use of and without which all the other gifts are in vain” before adding that only “by practicing charity, can we also take part in the joy of our Lord.”

He also referenced yesterday’s gospel reading. Read the rest here.

The pews are loaded with gifts, talents and skills. How many of those parishioners, sitting there week after week, year after year, put them to use in the local parish? Charity begins at home.

CNA has more on yesterday’s angelus.

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