Good Friday – The Cross and the Aborted Woman

Every woman who has had an abortion has experienced her own personal hell. Upon realizing what she has done to herself, her child, and to the others affected by her decision, she lives as a self-crucified woman. Her child will surely be taken up into the Mercy of the Father, but unless she reconciles with the Lord, with her child and ultimately with herself, she will hang on that cross for the rest of her life.

As a church and as a pro-life people we need to extend and encourage her towards the mercy and forgiveness of God, and help her come down from that cross so that she can experience the Resurrection of the Lord, a resurrection in which her son or daughter already lives.

Once she grasps the reality of Christ’s salvific work on the cross and has experienced her own rising from the dead she will then be able to return to it, but this time she will be able to rest at its foot, pondering her innocent child as she gazes on the face of the truly Innocent One, and knowing that it is His price to pay on the wooden beam, not hers.

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