Yes, Virginia, There is a Regulatory Clause

The Virginia state General Assembly has approved a bill that will require abortion facilities within the Commonwealth to be regulated along the manner of hospitals.

It seems that Virginia is raising the bar on facilities that provide at least 5 abortions per month to women in the 1st trimester of pregnancy.

The state legislature passed a law this week requiring these abortion clinics to be regulated as hospitals. Currently, abortion facilities adhere to regulations for doctors’ offices – such as those that offer cosmetic surgeries and colonoscopies.

The vote in the General Assembly was 20-20, which included 2 democrats in favor of the legislation. The tie-breaking vote was cast by Lt. Governor Bill Bolling (R). Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell (R) has said that he will sign the measure into law.

The Virginia Board of Health, whose members are appointed by the governor, will write the new policies within 280 days after the law goes into effect on July 1. Of the current 15 members on the board, most were appointed by previous Governor Timothy Kaine (D).

Naturally those opposed to the legislation cry that it is all about reducing or eliminating a woman’s right-to-choose. Media reports say that as many as 17 of the 21 clinics could face closure if this bill goes unchallenged, due to the costs to comply to regulations that could dictate, for example, hall-way size as well as laundry and food facilities as well.

Still other say that clinics in rural areas will likely close, making it more difficult for women in those areas to access abortion.

So many who are pro-abortion in our political system also could be categorized as fans of the “nanny-state” mentality. It’s hard to believe so many Democrats would oppose such a measure. If many of the clinics in Virginia are indeed in rural areas, wouldn’t it be better to have higher-level facilities there if it’s going to take longer to reach an emergency room, or for emergency personnel to access a patient in distress? Yet the opposition to this bill seems odd – one would think that more regulation, BIGGER government oversight and control would be welcome. After all, this is ALL about the woman, isn’t it? Her needs and rights supersede all else, even the child she carries within her.

Oh, that’s right, we’re talking about abortion, aren’t we? Herein lies the contradiction.

And they worry that the days of back-alley abortions might return?

News source here, here, and here.

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